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Impact Wrench


RTTH is now offer to hire Super Duty Air Impact Wrench and Ultra Powerful Impact Wrench.

Super Duty Air Impact Wrench Series

Super Duty Air Impact Wrench Series

Radical Torque Tool Hire Super Duty Air Impact Wrench series now brings impact wrenches into a new era by taking advantage of new technology. The tool body is made of strengthened aluminum alloy which is more durable than composite materials and together with improvements in the motor and impact mechanism it can generate torque more efficiently than with the previous design.

Impact wrenches in this series are 25% lighter in weight than the classic models of the same torque performance and 30% more powerful than models of the same weight. Radical Torque solutions Super Duty Air Impact Wrench series is powerful, light weight and remains as durable as the classic impact wrench. The reduced weight removes the stress on the wrists and arms for enhancing user comfort, and together the remarkably improved torque-output increase productivity.

Impact Wrench 1500-6 – 1800 ft.lbs(2441 Nm)

Impact Wrench 3000 – 3000 ft.lbs (4068 Nm)

Impact Wrench 3000-8 – 3000 ft.lbs (4068 Nm)

Ultra Powerful Impact Wrench Series

Ultra Powerful Impact Wrench Series

Radical Torque Tool Hire new series of lightweight pistol grip impact wrenches are equipped with a patented (Finger Tip Slide) control allowing the user to switch between forward & reverse with one hand. The ergonomic design of the composite handle covered with soft TPR rubber, as well as the lightened and well balanced grip of the tool help to ease the stress on wrist and arm during operation. All together offers the most comfortable and smooth operational experience over long working periods.

Impact Wrench 1000 – 1000ft.lbs(1356 Nm)

Impact Wrench 1300 – 1300ft.lbs(1763 Nm)

Impact Wrench 1400 – 1400ft.lbs(1898 Nm)

Every tool is supplied in a weatherproof storage box with manual, pneumatic hose and impact sockets.


We have a wide range of sockets, in both metric and imperial, from 3/4’’ Drive up to 2-1/2’’ Drive available to suit most applications.

Impact Wrench Sockets

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