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Pneumatic Torque Tools

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We supply and support the RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrenches in our hire fleet. These tools are reversible, non-impacting and torque controlled and use a reaction arm to absorb reaction forces transmitted from the gearbox as torque is applied. With an accuracy of +/- 5% and repeatability of 2%, RAD Pneumatic Torque tools are the ideal solution for your controlled bolting applications.

pneumatic torque tool models

Pneumatic Torque Tool Models

With a variety of models available from ¾’’ drive up to 1-1/2’’ drive, the torque range available starts from 50 Ft Lbs (70Nm) up to 6000 Ft Lbs (8100Nm).

Model 350SL: ¾’’ Drv 50-350 Ft Lbs (70-475 Nm) Model 7GX: 3/4’’ Drv 100-700 Ft Lbs (135-950 Nm) Model 10GX: 3/4’’ Drv 200-1000 Ft Lbs (270-1350 Nm) Model 15DX: 1’’ Drv 300-1500 Ft Lbs (400-2000 Nm)

Model 2000: 1’’ Drv 500-2000 Ft Lbs (700-2700 Nm)

Model 25GX: 1’’ Drv 500-2500 Ft Lbs (700-3400 Nm)

Model 34GX: 1-1/2’’ Drv 1000-3400 Ft Lbs (1350-4600 Nm)

Model 50: 1-1/2’’ Drv 1500-5000 Ft Lbs (2000-6800 Nm)

Model 60DX: 1-1/2’’ Drv 2000-6000 Ft Lbs (2700-8100 Nm)

Using the pneumatic torque tool

Using the pneumatic torque tool

All pneumatic torque tools are supplied with a torque chart and certificate of calibration. Torque control is achieved by adjusting the air pressure in accordance with the certificate provided with each tool.

The user selects the torque to be applied and obtains the corresponding air pressure rating from the torque chart, this pressure is then set on the tool holder which is supplied with the tool.

A minimum air flow of between 35-40 CFM will be required and ½’’ airline is connected to the filter regulator assembly to ensure adequate flow.

Your Tool Package Includes:

All pneumatic torque tools are supplied with a calibration/torque chart, a tool site box, a hose, FRL and a tool holder and an instruction manual.


We have a wide range of sockets, in both metric and imperial, from 3/4’’ Drive up to 2-1/2’’ Drive available to suit most applications.


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